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Based in Western Australia, Avora Energy provide Engineering Procurement and Construction services to the renewable energy sector Australia-wide, delivering turnkey commercial rooftop solar energy systems and ground mounted solar array projects by leveraging the extensive skillset of its management team.

The Avora team have decades of experience in project execution and we pride ourselves on quality project delivery. This is achieved through a broad range of leadership, engineering, project management and financial skills and a disciplined and structured approach to project delivery.

Avora Energy can also deploy relocatable ground mounted solar arrays where the installation may not be permanent or is likely to change. In this case Avora Energy can return to site to remove and redeploy the arrays and inverters to a new location.

With the support and backing of its shareholders and management team, Avora Energy is able to deliver a diverse range of solar projects including commercial rooftop and ground mounted applications.

Avora Energy are leaders in providing innovative project delivery services to the renewable energy sector.

Our range of services include:

Solar and Renewables Conceptual Design

Design and Construct Execution

Renewable Product Development and Integration

Project Management

Construction Management

Remote Construction and Commissioning Activities