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Avora Energy provide Commercial Rooftop Solar energy systems optimised to customer needs throughout Western Australia.

Avora Energy provide Commercial Rooftop Solar energy systems optimised to customer needs throughout Western Australia.

As one of the largest growth categories within the energy supply industry – commercial rooftop solar makes good business sense.

With commercial enterprises consuming large amounts of energy everyday – a rooftop solar energy system can deliver significant cost savings by harnessing free, clean energy from the sun.

With a relatively low startup cost, businesses can take advantage of previously unused rooftop space to generate their own energy, lowering operating costs from day one and protecting against the burden of future electricity grid price rises.

Avora Energy can assist you with a range of finance packages if required.

The Avora Process

Going solar in 5 easy steps.

Avora’s knowledgeable and experienced team will guide you through every step in delivering a tailored energy solution for your business.

Step 1.

Energy Audit

All Avora projects start with an Energy Audit. The audit looks closely at how your business uses energy by collecting and analysing usage data, reviewing past billings and discussing your current and future energy needs. We then present our solution through implementing a tailored Solar Energy System along with changes to tariffs and rethinking your energy usage patterns – with the goal to maximise cost savings with minimum upfront costs

Step 2.

Solar Energy Solution

Based on the findings from the audit – Avora will design a Solar Energy System optimised to your specific needs. Once the solution is accepted, the design process starts along with submission of necessary applications to your energy provider. Our extensive experience in working with power utilities helps make the application process and compliance requirements as smooth and quick as possible.

Step 3.

Engineers’ Checklist

Nearing completion of the design and the preparation of a commercial projects report, our engineers will conduct a site visit. The Engineer’s Checklist covers every aspect of the design solution including the rooftop, switchboards, wiring, fixings and every other detail that may impact the installation, safety and capability of the system – any necessary modifications will be made at this stage.

Step 4.


Installation of your optimised solar energy system happens now. Avora’s experienced and qualified installers will efficiently, expertly and most of all, safely install your new system with minimum disruption to your business operations. All necessary standards and compliances are met and overseen by our engineers and electricians, enabling your Solar Energy System to be up and running quickly and meeting expectations.

Step 5.

Track & Report

Effective energy usage requires continual review. The final step of Avora’s process is to Track the performance of your solar energy system as well as your energy usage, at the end of which we provide a performance Report. These free energy reports are provided and are an effective way to monitor power usage patterns and achieve your energy goals.

Through a dedicated commitment to delivering safe, high quality and cost-effective solar energy solutions, Avora’s management team has a proven track record for delivery in a range of energy projects.

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